This post was originally shared on Place Of My Taste.

I actually found this great DIY scrub on thecasualcraftlete. I love this site. This site has so many great craft ideas, recipes, and GREAT printables that I love.

During this time of year I truly love a great body scrub. My skin gets so dry and a body scrub helps exfoliate that dry skin away, which I love about scrubs.

Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

  1. 2 cups granulated sugar
  2. 1/4 cup coconut oil
  3. 4 Tablespoons fresh pomegranate juice
  4. few drops of pomegranate essential oil
  1. Add the sugar and coconut oil into a large bowl. Mix until well combined. If coconut oil is too hard, heat in the microwave in a safe bowl 15-25 seconds or until the oil is softened
  2. Add the pomegranate juice and essential oil until the juice is evenly distributed and the texture is to your liking
  3. Spoon scrub into an air tight container or gift jars. Decorate with scrapbook paper and twine.

The brand of pomegranate essential oil that was  used is  Enteral Essence Oil



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